IDS offers Freight Auditing & Payment services

The accelerated deployment of new technologies, a huge surge in e-commerce and extreme uncertainty… Over the past few weeks, the world has been turned upside down, and recent events have revealed just how risky just-in-time delivery can be. As we all continue to adjust to ‘the new normal’, one thing is crystal clear: cost efficiency will play a key role. When thinking about solutions that can improve supply chain efficiency, Freight Auditing & Payment (FAP) services should definitely not be underestimated. Read on to learn how FAP services can ease the burden on you and help you to save costs, especially during the current coronavirus situation.


Time-consuming paperwork

In the face of the current challenges, time-consuming paperwork is a burden you could do without. You can’t afford to just ignore it, though. So what’s the alternative? Freight Auditing and Payment (FAP) services help you to deal with all kinds of freight-related administrative activities, such as by gathering and bundling invoices, performing pre-shipment and post-shipment audits, arranging (bulk) payments, rate management and analytics. Besides taking care of the paperwork, an added advantage of FAP services is that you gain greater insight into all the freight data.


Why it’s the ideal time to outsource

Even though many countries are starting to ease their lockdown measures, coronavirus will have a lasting impact on daily life and business. First and foremost, companies are focused on ensuring the continuity of their services to customers. A knock-on effect of staff shortages can be that administrative activities take a little longer than normal – yet it’s now more important than ever to reinforce trust and gain insight. The Freight Auditing & Payment services from IDS take a huge weight off your mind. Firstly, they help to protect your reputation as a reliable business partner by keeping up with your payments. Furthermore, you benefit from an accurate assessment of the necessary capacity and creative solutions for disrupted supply chains.

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