The importance of freeze-free transport to protect coatings, varnishes and adhesives

Many chemicals are sensitive to extreme temperatures, and excess heat isn’t the only problem. The increased risk of sub-zero temperatures in the winter can mean that shipments containing coatings, varnishes, adhesives and other chemicals require special handling. At IDS, many of our customers are keen to avoid or at least minimize the possible effects of freezing temperatures on their chemicals during transport. We keep supply chains running smoothly, irrespective of the temperature, season or destination. 

Choose the ideal above-zero transportation temperature: 7, 15 or 23°C  

When transporting chemicals, it is important to understand how the product characteristics can be affected by exposure to temperature fluctuations. That’s why we have close relationships with carriers who are specialized in temperature-controlled shipments and who operate routes to locations throughout the whole of Europe several times a week. Even if our customers have an urgent shipment that is less than a full truckload, there is no need to panic. Because we can also take care of groupage and partial shipments, with or without ADR. And because different coatings and other chemicals have different characteristics. We offer a choice of temperatures to meet specific freight needs. Do you require 7, 15 or 23°C? We’re happy to find the right freight solution for you, both this winter and beyond.

Are you keen to know more about freeze-free transport? Or would you just like to talk to our specialists about suitable freight solutions for your products? If so, contact Arno Spoek: