Hot news: Shippeo and IDS collaborate to turn visibility into value

IDS, The 4PL Logistics Control Tower, and Shippeo, the European market leader in real-time transport visibility, have announced a strategic partnership. By providing insight into which truck is located where for the entire transport chain, waiting times and costs can be reduced. Thanks to the strategic partnership with Shippeo, control tower specialist IDS can not only inform its customers in real-time about where a delivery is, but also accurately predict ETA’s.

With active involvement from our customer DSM, IDS has started to onboard Shippeo’s RTTV platform to further future proof their transportation management solutions for the benefit of their predictive analyses, efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

The best in class solution

Leon de Koning: “DSM, for whom we organize the European flow of goods and everything that comes with it, told us that it wanted to inform its customers in real time about the status of deliveries,” says Leon de Koning, managing director at IDS. “Together we went looking for the best solution and soon we came across Shippeo. They serve all of Europe just like us and the track record of this software solution is impressive.”

What are the benefits?

By making use of Shippeo’s RTTV we can provide a dashboard with a track and trace status and a real-time link for the end customer. We help shippers, carriers and end customers gain real-time visibility into goods flows. When it is visible for the entire transport chain which truck is located where, authorization and costs can be reduced. Thanks to the announced partnership with Shippeo, we can provide real-time information about the location of the truck, as well as predicting highly accurate Expected Time of Arrival (ETAs). Which can be shared with all stakeholders of the supply chain. Because the entire transport chain is aware of the status ‘on the spot’, possible problems can be quickly identified and solved.

Leon de Koning: “With the ongoing digital transformation of the transportation landscape, we are already working on ‘what’s next’ using this level of visibility.”

This new visibility boosts operational efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction:

  • Optimization of customer’s planning and required resources, so they can improve productivity at loading and delivery locations.
  • Reduction of calls and emails on ETA status to a minimum, which makes communication far more efficient and less time consuming.
  • Saving of costs and penalties via a better handling of dwell- and wait times, while at the same time reducing the CO2

Connecting data, specialists and technology

We make your supply chain transparent, and we are always looking for progressive and smart solutions with a positive effect on your supply chain and the environment.

“We don’t believe that one party is good at everything,” says De Koning. “Everyone is good at something. The trick is to bring specialists together and smartly integrate knowledge, systems and data, smart, integrated and connected. We all know that stationary trucks cost money. Thanks to the collaboration with Shippeo, we can inform everyone in the chain very accurately. A transportation visibility platform not only helps companies save costs, but also reduces their CO2 footprint.”

What’s next? Be prepared

Leon de Koning: “Now we provide insight into where a truck is located. The next step is the location of the load itself. This is incredibly valuable, especially for LTL customers.” LTL (Less Than Truckload) transport combines loads from multiple companies in one truck. “In this next step, our customers can provide themselves and their end customers with insight into exactly where their goods are located at the pallet level. Our innovation lab is experimenting with this, and we hope to be able to tell more about this after the summer. Big data and predictive analytics, that is ultimately where the market is moving.”

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