The first half of 2021: the highlights and apple pies

It can’t have escaped anyone’s attention: IDS has had a very successful first half of 2021. In fact, we’ve been so busy over the past six months that we haven’t taken the time to reflect on the many highlights. We don’t want to let them pass unnoticed, so here’s a brief round-up.


One thing the coronavirus period has taught us all is the importance of pulling together – and that is exactly how we prefer to work at IDS. Together with colleagues, shippers and carriers, we manage shipments, look for improvements, encourage innovation, have fun in our work and contribute to a sustainable future.

Apple pie

Anyone who knows us will be aware that at our offices in Utrecht we celebrate our successes by eating apple pie – and there have been plenty of reasons to celebrate so far this year.

For example, we have already taken care of 40% more shipments with shippers and carriers than in our wildest expectations. Right in the middle of that growth spurt, another four new colleagues (Eline, Zoe, Tolga and Leon) joined us and were trained up in record time. It’s great that our new colleagues found their feet so quickly, both with IDS and with all the shippers and carriers we work with. This has enabled us to manage even more shipments effectively. And we expect continued growth in the second half of 2021, which is why we are actively looking for more new recruits. If you know of anyone, let us know!

In the meantime, we are also increasingly coming into the office again. Working from home ran very smoothly, but nothing can beat being together in the office.

Happy shippers and carriers

It is important to us that our shippers and carriers are not only satisfied with us, but also feel truly appreciated. To measure this, we’ve started conducting a number of interviews and the feedback so far has been very positive – so thank you! We will publish the results soon, so keep following us on social media.

Digitization and sustainability

Digitization and sustainability are two very important trends for us. For example, in terms of digitization we are very proud of our collaboration with Shippeo (which enables us to take the next step in visibility and predictive ETAs), with Transfollow (which supports our shift towards the e-CMR) and with Qlik (which facilitates the set-up of real-time dashboards together with shippers and carriers so that we all work with a single source of truth).

Sustainability is also well on its way to becoming an integral part of our growth strategy. If you share our passion for ‘greener’ transport, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you

Many thanks to all our shippers and carriers for your trust and cooperation! Despite the many challenges in our field, we have achieved top performance together. These rewarding accomplishments leave us wanting more. So here’s to a great second half of the year!


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