Transport optimization is not a matter of pennies anymore

Depending on China

The Ever Given situation made it very clear how much Western Europe is depending on the trade with China. Without these container vessels, we would be out of school agendas, motorcycles, garden furniture, or sex toys completely. And as the world economy is getting back on its feet, the problems are getting more obvious every day. The prices of raw materials are increasing rapidly, causing serious problems in the whole supply chain. As a reaction, more and more companies are considering nearshoring their basic material production, after having outsourced it for decades. Despite higher labor costs and strict environmental requirements, nearshoring means delivery reliability. And after 1,5 years into the pandemic, that advantage is beginning to outweigh the price increases.

Not a matter of pennies

Entrepreneurs that are not able to nearshore their production, are left to transport optimization, as always. And in 2021, that is not a matter of pennies anymore. Per container, costs can rise up to ten thousand euro. So pay attention. IDS helps companies to optimize their transport, whether it be by air, plane, train, or boat. We organize, optimize and consolidate. Transparently, so clients can see for themselves how prices, delivery times, and conditions are affecting the whole supply chain. Companies that can move their production to Europe can rely on IDS as a reliable 4PL  Control Tower partner, for inbound and outbound freight. Whether it is helping you to optimize your transport or relieving the burden completely.

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